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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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...there w imdiatescreamg... hot vo= rit now a11: it happen without anwn immediate screaming and hollering and panicking. >> right now at 11:00, it happened without any warning. two children are dead after a tree limb falls on their tent. >> it's been a difficult day. a family vacation ends in tragedy. >> the accident happened early this morning at the popular upper pines campgrounds.
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we have live team coverage tonight. let's begin with nbc bay area. this is a very popular spot. >> reporter: it's one where many families are spending out the final days of their summer vacation. although the camp is full, there's an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. tragedy in a place of peace. they awoke to the snap of this tree. a limb came crashing down on the tent below killing two children. >> it was loud and snap and crack. >> it was immediate screaming and hollering and panicking. >> reporter: the two killed were sleeping in their tents when it happened. tonight flowers in their place as park rangers try to determine what happened. >> they were kids. that's tough. >> reporter: rangers aren't saying how old the children were or where they're from. they see trees are inspected but
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could not comment on whether this tree was checked. >> in this particular situation people were simply in a camp site here in upper pines. they were in a designated camp site. they were camping out just like people are doing right now. >> reporter: an unusual friday night here. in place where people come to witness nature's beauty now coping with the pain nature left behind. >> just sad. really sad for the family. i pray for them. i hope they're doing okay. just sad. >> reporter: back in 2012, a worker here was killed when a tree crashed down on his tent cabin. >> thanks very much. just two weeks ago a firefighter was killed by fallen tree. he was a 21-year-old rookie. he was battling a brush fire near lake tahoe. tonight the father of a young
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woman who died when a tree fell on her is speaking about the tragedy. she died in 2013 while working as an art instructor at camp towanga. he said more responsibility needs to be taken by people in charge and that inspections save lives. >> as far as the national park, they have to have a lot more tree care, a lot more inspections and if need be, the camping areas have to be far from where these big, black oak trees can fall. >> our investigative unit learned camp leaders may have ignored warnings years before the tree fell. the camp denies the claims. >> officials will be looki inin into why that tree limb fell. some are pretty stressed. many are dying. nbc bay area is live in san francisco with more on the drought effects on the trees.
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>> reporter: experts are telling me tonight it's a good idea to take a close look at a tree before you sit under it or park under it. they say a lack of water can turn a normally healthy tree into a hazard. >> all of a sudden the water is cut off, that's going to stress the tree. >> reporter: after four years of drought trees are showing signs of stress. elm trees that should be thick with leaves, aren't. >> very little leafing at the same time it should be a much fuller canopy. >> reporter: the secondary growth can signal failing health that can affect the integrity of the tree. while the trees in the bay area are showing signs of stress, the u.s. department of agriculture
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says a recent survey reveals drastic drought affects. after an aerial survey the usda estimates there are more than ten million dead trees. this map gives you an idea of how widespread the damage is. the red on this map indicates where the dead trees are. pictures show dead pines standing next to green trees and hillside covered with dead oaks. investigators aren't saying why they think a tree limb fell from an oak and killed two young campers but hummer says during the drought stress trees are prone to problems. >> it can make it like an immune system. it can make a tree more susceptible to pests, diseases, fungus, you know, kind of like an immune system of a person who is stressed out. might be more susceptible to illnesses. >> reporter: experts say even during the drought it's important to give established
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trees a little bit of water. you can mulch around the base of the tree to help with evaporation and that can help save water. >> very good information there. we will continue to update this story throughout our weekend on our website. that's you can also download our free app or connect with us on facebook or twitter for the latest updates. another campgrounds at yosemite national park is said to close because of the plague. squirrels infected were found at tuolumne meadows. the park's campground was reopened today after being closed for four nights. the plague is a rare disease and the risk to people is low. tonight three chp officers, some with bay area ties, are under arrest in connection to a man's mysterious death. three years ago 21-year-old corey kauffman's body was found
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dump. these are five of the eight men under arrest. the man in the upper left corner is a defense attorney who detectives think organized it all. the victim was accused of stealing property from that attorney. photos of the officers have not been released. we have learned that two of them worked at chp hayward and san francisco officers. a suspicious fire is under investigation tonight. firefighters responded to the two alarm fire this afternoon that threatened a vacant office building. the structure was not damaged. police say several kids were seen running away from the area where the fire started. fire danger will be top of mind this weekend as the bay area braces for a serious warm up. dangerous heat is on the way. chief meteorologist tracking conditions for us. looks pretty hot behind you. >> it's a lot of hot air moving in. we saw temperatures warm up by ten degrees today and we're in
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for an additional ten to 15 degrees. i want to take a look at the temperature profiles we can expect for tomorrow. the number one hottest location would be the east bay. we'll start off at 68 degrees at 8:00 a.m. temperatures will jump up to 91 by noon. the south bay will also get in on the warming. you can see 60 at 6:00 a.m. by 10:00 a.m., 76 and by the noon hour 89 and your temperatures also jumping up into the 90s. we're tracking all areas that will be hitting 100 degrees for tomorrow. no matter where you're located whether it's the beaches or the inland valley, you'll want to remember that spf, uv index will be a powerful ten. i'm back with the full forecast in about ten minutes. thank you so much. over 25,000 acres charred but tonight firefighters are finally getting the upper hand on this fire. it's now 71% contained. the flames started last sunday near lake county. that's south of the massive
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rocky fire that crews were already fighting. firefighters immediately jumped into action. four homes were destroyed, but no one was seriously hurt. it's going to be a hot one this weekend. many will be seeking relief at the beach. those who expect to take a popular shortcut will be out of luck. officials are planning to shut down access to two streets that are downtown. they are from highway 9 and tait avenues. this all in effort to limit traffic to overwhelm the town. you want people to head to the beach to stop using the surface streets when highway 17 is backed up. it's also about safety in making sure emergency vehicles don't get caught that that beach traffic. friends, family and fellow deputies are mourning the death of a sheriff deputy who sacrificed his life trying to save a friend. he was off duty when he thought his friend was struggling in the water. the 30-year-old dove in but his body went into shock and he
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drowned. those closest to him say they are not surprised he didn't think twice about jumping into action. >> he became a police officer for a reason. he definitely wanted to help people. he gave his life for somebody else to live his life. that's him. >> his colleagues say the department is devastated. he was widely respected, well liked and will be sorely missed. san jose police officers will be voting over next three days on a deal that will include police staffing. city leaders and the police union agreed today the set up new benefits to replace the ones that voters approved for measure b. under this deal police officers would receive 5% bonus and 8% raises. the city is hoping this will prevent officers from leaving the office and attract new officers to the force. next, taking no chances. some theaters are stepping up security as a highly anticipated movie hits the big screen.
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apple's next big thing could be a car. details on this new project. her survived a vicious bear attack right here in california. tonight he tells us his story.
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...nats ofoncer runs: =peggy/co the hottestvent ofhe nighwrappi well, it's loud. if you're wondering who that was, she's right there. taylor swift wrapping up. working it there on the stage. she performed to a sold out
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crowd tonight. she's back on stage tomorrow for another sold out crowd. police say drivers should expect a lot of traffic before and afterthe concert. straight out of compton is about a rap group that made history in many ways. >> the movie's focus on gangs has some theaters taking action. bay area cheryl hurd is live at the century theater with more. so many people looking forward to seeing this movie. >> reporter: a lot of folks are standing in line to see this movie tonight. richmond police dedicated two units to this theater and there are three units here now. i spoke with police officers and they say all is quiet right now and they are hoping that it stays that way.
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during the preview, security was tight. tonight was security was visible inside the theater. >> expecting something to happen. i don't know why. >> reporter: universal pictures is partnering with theaters who may need money to help keep things safe. straight out of compton isn't the first movie to prompt theater owners to take expractice precaution. one of those movies, boyz in the hood. >> now you want to heighten security because of what. >> reporter: he's a well known rapper from oakland. he said it's embarrassing to the community when theater owners and police expect violence when movies about urban life are
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released. >> when they drop star wars you don't see security being heightened. you're portraying it and you're perpetuating violence to come. there are fans out here. there's millions of fans across the world who are coming out in peace to watch a piece of history. >> reporter: this movie is 27 2700 -- >> breaking up with live shot. that's cheryl hurd reporting. we would like this not to occur in the future. we're really looking to affect
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change. >> earlier this year prosecutors cleared the officer. firefighters pulled out one of their colleagues alive from the rubble. officials are giving out mixed messages. they are telling people to move out of apartment blocks near the blast site where they are saying toxin levels are normal.
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the u.s. is now calling on the communist nation to improve human rights and democracy. we have got a real, true, hot one on the way. >> a hot weekend. >> let's check in with jeff now. >> you're exactly right. numbers going up not only inland but at the beaches as well. kr you can see a lot less fog. that is helping temperatures to warm up at this hour anywhere from three to six degrees warmer. still a bit mild here in the north bay with 66. also holding onto 69 in the east bay. the south bay coming in with 68 and ten mile visibility. let's take you into the morning forecast on saturday. even though we have hot temperatures for the morning hours we'll still have a bit of cloud cover from the immediate coastline trying to move in. we'll get a bit of recovery here. we'll start off with low 60s for the most part down to the south bay. high pressure is building in and
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strong across the desert southwest. of course, we're going to be gettiget ing some of that air as we head throughout saturday. the biggest difference is the drier offshore winds. it should bring us 70s on saturday. the key thing we're tracking as we head through this weekend is the fire danger. winds will be 10 to 20 miles an hour. saturday and sunday humidity could be as low as 18%. just want to be very cautious if you're outside doing any kind of camping. as we head into saturday's forecast we will find these temperatures but just head to the coastline, head to san francisco for it to be a little more enjoyable if you live in the interior valleys. you can see in san francisco, 76 degrees. back to the financial district, 79. it gets hotter in palo alto with
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91. we're going to go there in the tri-valley. 101 in livermore. east bay you're also in that club. 95 in freemont and oakland at 85 degrees. saturday, again, hot. for the south bay 95 and for the north bay we'll be at 98. despite the heat, we are still going off with our event.
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it's clear the shelters. they have over 100 different animals. not only dogs and cats but you may have seen me with a duck in the 6:00 show too. i can't believe it until i saw it. they have a little duck there. >> a really cute duck. looking forward to tomorrow. >> and his dog friend jack. >> i bet he's gone already. >> he was a handsome fellow. still ahead, the san francisco giants have a little fun with the sitcom, full house. >> and we have jimmy. >> kevin is here for a new game.
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a self-driving car by apple may be closer than we think. they are scouting for locations. they have obtained documents proving apple met with officials. that's a 2100 acre former naval base. rumors have been swirling for months but the company has declined to comment. a central valley man sharing his story of survival after he have attacked by bear. he said he tried to scare the bear away but the bear kept charging at him. he said it was a fierce struggle. his dog managed to distract the bear long enough for him to get away. >> jumped in my van and went to the hospital. when i walked in i was covered
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with blood all over me. they go, what happened to you. i said i just got attack eed by bear. >> the wounds were so severe he was close to death. >> amazing that little dog. he'll tell us about the break. >> good idea. is there an elk in your bed?
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good evening. geraud in the comcast studios. they scored three earned runs off of him on the way to world series victory and a sweep. tonight they were a lot less kind. game two of the four game set and the g-man held a hit parade. solo shot to left. tenth of the season and just like that we're tied at one. double down the light field line. justin maxwell. in the third hunter gets a
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chance. solo home run to straight away center field. giants are the first team to score six runs off scherzer this season. the giants hang on. 8-5 the final. two outs. clutch single to right. billy vern score was tied in six. this goes extra. bottom of the 13th. two run. walks off. gets the walk of shame. raiders and ram preseason opener. his first pass of 2015 finds for the first down. later cooper showing off the versatility that's made him a top pitch. he finishes with three catches for 22 yards.
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round two of the pga championship. tiger woods struggles to continue. on the par 4 out of bunker he hits it fast and lands in another bunker. he's in danger of missing the cut once again. jordan in contention. this is how tiger used to hit bunker shots. the two time major winner holds out at 18. he's three back of the leader. one of the co-leaders still searching for his first major title. round two play cancelled due to inclement weather. in no particular order nba championship, league mvp, brand new healthy baby girl and today golf with the president. he teed it up with president obama and ray allen. no word on who the winner was. the information is deemed classified. have great weekend. that's it for sports. more news after the break.
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a san francio giantparody the o house is buzng e intert. =vo= have you seen it? a san francisco parody on the opening theme of full house is buzzing the internet. forbes calls it a masterpiece of modern art. here it is. this is the masterpiece. it was posted on twitter today. the team will pay tribute to the famous sitcom on september 30th. look who got in all the fun. you'll see uncle joey. no, there's uncle joey. a guest appearance there. >> cut it out. >> you're a full house fan, must be in heaven. >> see you tomorrow at the shelters. >> good night. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin spacey, keegan-michael key, comedian monroe martin


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